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Bits & Bops is a collection of original rhythm mini-games!

Featuring over 20 mini-games filled with catchy music, snappy gameplay and gorgeous, hand-drawn animation, Bits & Bops is sure to brighten your day.


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• Over 20 rhythm mini-games to entertain and challenge you
Super fun gameplay with simple controls that anyone can learn
• Catchy, upbeat original tunes sure to have you bopping along
• Gorgeous hand-drawn 2D animation that brings everything to life
• A custom game engine with lightning fast response times

Q & A


What is a mini-game?

A mini-game is a small game contained within a bigger game. Bits & Bops is made entirely of mini-games! Each mini-game has its own unique music, mechanics and characters.

Which platforms can I play on?

Bits & Bops is being developed for PC, with console releases (Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox series) to follow.


How good do I need to be at rhythm games?

You can be a complete beginner! Bits & Bops has simple mechanics designed to be approachable by newcomers to the rhythm genre. But if you're a rhythm game veteran, don't fret - we've got you covered too.

When can I play Bits & Bops?

Bits & Bops is currently in development. We haven't committed to a specific release date yet, but we'll post updates here and via social media as we approach this milestone. You can help fund development by shopping from our Slacker Backer!

Meet the Team


Bits & Bops is made by Tempo Lab Games, a tiny video game studio based in Sydney, Australia. It is our dream to make wonderful games that take rhythm gaming to the next level.


Evan Andrews

Director, programmer & game designer

Evan is responsible for conceiving Bits & Bops, and transforming it into a playable game. He is a programmer and perfectionist, with over a decade of professional experience making computers do what they're told.


Rose Hammer
Artist, writer & game designer

Rose's art and animation brings Bits & Bops' characters and environments to life.

She is a multi-talented artist and animator whose work appears in Rise of the TMNT (Nickelodeon), Monkie Kid (LEGO) and Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur (Marvel).

@RoseDrawsThings |


Julian Sanchez

Main composer

Julian, aka Zorsy, makes cute, energetic, boppin' tunes for Bits & Bops.

His music can be found in places like Boomerang Fu (Cranky Watermelon), Vitamin Connection (Wayforward) and Steven Universe: The Movie (Cartoon Network).

@ZorsySan |


Sound designer

Matthew makes sound effects for Bits & Bops. His work includes composing, orchestrating, music prep, and sound for films, TV, and games - such as 100% Wolf and the 2021 Mortal Kombat movie.




Em, also known as Lich, makes music for Bits & Bops. She tackles any and every genre, and has composed for animated shorts featured at local and international events.


Media & Influencers

Content creators

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Press Kit

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