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Welcome to the Bits & Bops Slacker Backer Shop!

We've set this shop up for those who wanted to back our Kickstarter campaign, but weren't able to pledge in time. Here, you can pledge to receive many of the rewards that were available during the campaign, and help fund the development of Bits & Bops. As a bonus, Slacker Backer customers will also receive a special Bits & Bops Discord role!

IMPORTANT: Bits & Bops is still in development. Please read the delivery information before pledging.

Note that all prices are in AUD.

Total raised: AU $192,536!


The above total represents all successful Kickstarter pledges plus total Slacker Backer sales as of April 25th 2024. It will update periodically. Thank you for your support!

Stretch goals

Below are our Kickstarter stretch goals. We managed to reach all of them except the last one! All Slacker Backer purchases will help push us towards our final goal - a custom mixtape editor.

If we reach it, we'll build a level editor so anyone can easily make Bits & Bops levels and mixtapes with their own music!

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